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InvestorsNetwork.co.za is platform and meeting place for South African Entrepreneurs and Investors. The business provides both face-to-face networking meetings in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth as well as on-line networking facilities. Founded by a group of South African Entrepreneurs frustrated with the lack of availability of such services in the country, the network has gone from strength to strength. The network has the following aims:

  • To assist in the funding of emerging ventures.
  • To present pre-screened deals to capital providers.
  • To educate entrepreneurs on the investor mentality.
  • To provide a vigorous meeting forum for all business professionals.

Today, this previously informal network of business owners and funders has evolved into InvestorsNetwork.co.za, a virtual national network for the business community of Entrepreneurs seeking funding and growth, Investors seeking opportunities and Business Professionals seeking visibility.

This unique combination of a both virtual and face-to-face network serves as a support structure, learning environment, and meeting place where, as a member, you can easily find the investors or investment opportunities you have been looking for.

Highlights of Investors Network’s website are:

1. Several mechanisms to connect Entrepreneurs with Investors.
2. A growing, searchable, global Venture Capital Database.
3. The ability to join free of charge and only pay for investment opportunities posted.
4. Access to free advice and Legal agreements.
5. A toolbox of key entrepreneurial resources.
6. A ‘Help Section’ where members can ask for advice.
7. Sections to search for entrepreneurial opportunities and strategic alliances.
8. A comprehensive Essential Links section.

When using the unique features and resources on the website you will find that the service not only acts as a meeting point, where inventors and entrepreneurs can showcase their business or business idea but also provides invaluable resources to facilitate these relationships and introductions.

InvestorsNetwork.co.za provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to find potential funding through using a industry matching service through which interested parties may be introduced. Whether you are an entrepreneur or investor, we are confident that you have come to the right place.

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