Fast Finance Indaba – Cape Town

July 19, Cape Town, RSA

Investors Network gives you access to one of the largest Angel Investors networks in Southern Africa to maximise the chances of success in getting your business funded.  You will be able to pitch your idea on a one to one basis at one of our  Fast Finance events, where, on average 90% of people attract interest from one Angel and some leave with as many as 10 interested investors.

The Fast Finance Indaba Package costs just R3500. We also charge a 5% success fee on any money raised through us.  It might be an idea to build the success fee into the amount you are looking to raise e.g. pitch for 105k instead of 100k.

The Fast Finance Indaba package includes:

  1. Professional level access to the Business Plan Whiz, software application
  2. Your Summary and Business Plan reviewed by your Investors Network Regional Manager
  3. Your Pitch uploaded onto the Investors Network secure site, searchable by registered Investors who have signed our confidentiality agreement.
  4. Your business plan circulated to the 1,500+ Angel network via bi-weekly bulletin
  5. A place at a Pitch Academy coaching session
  6. Pitching at one Fast Finance Networking event
  7. Follow up meetings arranged on your behalf with interested Angels


Who are these events for?

Investors Network members who are serious about getting funding fast and want to meet a selection of Angels in person. If you want to go one better attend our Fast Funding Pitching School in the afternoon as well so that you make the most of this amazing opportunity.

The Fast Finance Indaba and Networking event has become a proven format that delivers great results. You get a chance to speak briefly to all Angels, then chat over a beer or coffee with those who interest you and arrange follow up meetings to go into more depth.


Part 1: 13.00 – Pitch Academy Coaching session
Meet for 2 hour practical training and coaching session on how to do a 3 minute pitch. Learn what the Investors need to hear and what they don’t want you to say.

Part 2: 14.00 – Pitch Tweaking and Practice
Practice your Investor Pitch with other entrepreneurs and receive Coaching on your pitch to get it just right.

Part 3: 15.00 Free time to practice your pitch.


The Fast Funding Event

Part 1: 16.00
Assemble with Investors for final briefing before meeting the Investors.

Part 2 16.45
Individual Pitching to each Investor for 3 minutes each.

Part 3 17.00
Networking and follow up meetings with interested Angel Invetors.

Investors Network accepts payment by Card or Electronic Transfer

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