Become an Angel Investor! Intensive Short Course

17th – 18th July, Cape Town, RSA

Are you an angel investor or thinking of becoming one? Do you know enough about issues such as syndication, tax and legal issues, IPR, portfolio management and achieving successful exits?Become an Angel Investor crash course 17th – 18th July, Cape Town, RSA

The SA Investors Network offers regular training events for angel investors covering key areas of business angel investment. The Become an Angel Investor Angel crash course delivers this content in a 2 day intensive training course providing in depth explanations of the hot topics of angel investing from initial evaluation and company valuation through to strategies to achieve a successful exit. It is suitable for both novice and more experienced investors.

The material has been developed over a number of years and taught to many hundreds of angel investors both here and in Europe with first class feedback. 

“A very helpful event. A lot of ground covered in a short time period with opportunities for questions as well.” Angel Investor, Stellenbosch. 

“Very well paced. Questions answered well. Well managed, very stimulating, good personal examples.” Vanessa Leach, Ventures Consultant, Pretoria. 

Generally great, I loved the high involvement” Brian , Business Angel & Business Coach, Cape Town. 

The boot camp will be led by Ben Botes, the lead Become an Angel Investor trainer with many years experience in delivering the training across Africa and Europe, with guest speakers who bring particular knowledge of the topics being covered. 

Ample opportunity will be given for networking and group discussion with your fellow participants. Delegates will leave with a high level understanding of the major issues associated with informal investment. Copies of both the slides and all supporting material will be supplied.

The crash course will take place from Thursday 5th to Friday 6th July at in Midrand, Gauteng. The cost of attendance will be R 4500 per deligate.

The course comprises 16 modules, namely

•           Introduction to Angel Investing

•           How to Become a Business Angel

•           Evaluation of the Team

•           First Evaluation & Selection

•           Valuation & Pre-Assembly

•           Intellectual Property Rights

•           Deal Structure & Negotiation

•           Legal Structure

•           Other Sources of Finance

•           Tax & the Business Angel

•           Collaboration with Other Investors

•           Companies Presentations

•           Coaching of Growth

•           Management of the Investment

•           Exit Routes

•           Conclusion

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