When it comes to business finance, most people know the usual routes – venture capital, angel investors, banks and government small business programs, all requiring business plans.

If none of those are a viable option, however, there are other ways to make your business happen, and manipulating your cash flow is one of them. Here’s how it works:

? When you decide to start your business, you look for suppliers who are willing to provide you with goods and services, with extended credit periods (60 or even 90 days works well.)
? Pay careful attention to your pricing, and make sure that your margins are sufficient to ensure that you have a healthy profit after expenses.
? Sell to your clients on a cash basis, or on limited terms of 15 or 30 days.
? Make sure that you bank the money you owe to your suppliers – never default on a credit line, because you need them to be up and running for your business to function.

If you do this, then you should have cash payments coming in from your clients well before they are due to your suppliers. You could even pay your suppliers before the payments become due, and score from the discounts most offer for early payment.

If you’re making a reasonable margin on all of your own sales, after expenses, then you should find that within just a few months, you have built up a significant cash reserve. Keep doing that, and within a year or two, you should have enough to approach a financial institution for a traditional loan, or to expand your business.

No Money? No Problem!

When it comes to reasons not to start your own business, not having money is the last one you should ever worry about.

There are many, many businesses that you can start with little or no investment, and many ways to start businesses that don’t require an investor. You could also try supplementing your product sales with sales of a related service, since service based businesses usually have lower production costs.

Every single person out there, in every financial position, has the ability to start a business – even if they don’t get funding. Even if you have to start tiny, with a micro enterprise, because you can’t find business finance for your idea, you CAN make it happen.

Creative Business Finance

As you can see, there are many ways to find the business finance you need, if you are creative. Stop blaming investors who don’t have the vision to see the genius in your idea, and start making your idea a reality.

We can almost guarantee you that even if there is no investor alive right now who wants to fund your idea, if you can build your business up to a success on your own, without external finance, they will be beating down your door in a few short years.

So apply for financing, but consider creating a second, worst case scenario business plan, that you can use to create your business out of nothing if that financing does not happen. Nothing is impossible, and as Napoleon Hill famously said: “
Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

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